Back to the Philippines

What does it feel like to be back? It feels like I’m living inside a film and each second is a grain of sand that I can’t get back. It’s crucial for me to always be conscious of my time here and how blessed I am to be here after being away for two years. How do I maximize each opportunity, each moment? I’m going to try to keep my phone and internet use limited so I can spend that time with my family and rooting myself into the reality that I am back home! This time that’s been given me is so precious and irreplaceable, I need to spend it wisely. I believe that means limiting myself to the devices that I’m used to and garner a familiarity with the devices that I’m not as privy to. Limiting contact with people back in the states and increasing contact with people here. Because I’m here right now and I need to live in the moment.

I’m sitting in the kitchen while my uncle is chopping vegetables, preparing today’s lunch and dinner. I just played Mortal Kombat X with one of my cousins on the computer. His sisters are in the living room watching TV. My sister and mother are in our room (my Lola’s room), and the sound of motorcycles whizzing outside perforates the air. Sunlight is pouring through the skylight window and onto the kitchen floor; it is yellow light that I can feel, that has a presence, that provides an eternal sense of calm and serenity. Some girls are singing karaoke from their home in the houses behind us. My lola [grandmother] is basically a landlord and owns housing and people pay her rent. The fan is whirring in my face as I type and it feels so pleasant. I have honestly always loved the heat. Something about it feels so comforting. This may sound kind of repulsive, but when I’m constipated in the summer, it doesn’t feel as bad because the hot air provides a weird layer of comfort for my stomach.

Tomorrow I’ll be flying to Boracay, perhaps the Philippines’ most well known vacation destination, for a few days. Yesterday I was mentally organizing a schedule of places we would be going during our trip and I realized just how short one month really is. I wish we were staying for at least 6 weeks! One month stay is not long enough especially when I’m in a country I consider home and when there are so many places I have yet to see here. I never had the chance to properly explore other Philippine islands, only Cebu, meanwhile there are 7,107 islands that make up the Philippines. I’ve only ever really seen parts of Cebu, and not even the whole of it. So tomorrow will be a new step into cracking the effervescent mystique of this magnificent place.

I will always love travel, I will always love adventure, and I will always be thankful for my family and friends that take care of me and embrace me. I am incredibly blessed to be able to have this chapter written into my summer of 2015. I’m a 23 year old graduated student from Rutgers University, a queer Aquarius, and a Filipino dude lustful of the wondrous world we inhabit and constantly seek to understand. Thank you God for this amazing opportunity. I pray I make the utmost of it while I’m here. xx

P.s. I made a snapchat to capture my travels, so follow me on that! @Nikkobae
And follow me on Instagram as well @seathelife.
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