thoughts at night/hopes for the world:

i never again want to hear or see acts of hate. I never again want to hear: “death to jews.” “death to arabs” “palestinians don’t exist.” “once born a man, always a man.” “adam and EVE, not adam and steve.” collective blaming on the black community. “marriage isn’t your right because of your sexual preference. “the purpose of marriage is to procreate.” “i’m not attracted to asians/ they’re just not attractive, ew ur an ugly asian.” gay men are not REAL men.” “i’m not a feminist” “men need to be the heads of their households.” “islam is a cancer.” “why aren’t muslims denouncing terror?” “not all muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are muslims.” “slavery happened hundreds of years ago, the president is now black, get over it.” “she was asking for it/ she drank too much/ what was she wearing?” slut shaming. bringing down girls. “boys will be boys” as a way to disregard responsibility. classism. racism. the anti-semitism behind the “need” for zionism. apathy for the environment/ mindless littering/ the cigarette out the window.

i want a peaceful society of equality and communal support. i want to live to see the eradication of inequality. to see same sex couples embrace each other freely wherever they please. to see men caring for women when they’re drunk and vice versa. to see more men of color and several women as POTUS. to see beautiful ASIAN movie stars win Academy Awards (for non stereotypical roles). to see noteworthy, honest representation of all ethnic groups on television. for families torn apart by immigration reunited. for prisons to educate and rehabilitate. for jews to be able to live anywhere in the world with love and not face hatred. for that fucking wall in Palestine to come crashing down. for Israel/Palestine to be binational, removing Jewish privilege and forging true equality. for famous people to be OUT without fear, for LGBT to be recognized as valuable humans. and lastly, i want to see my parents and close friends at my future wedding to a man.


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