Resolutions for 2015

Usually I can’t believe the coming of every new year. Last New Year’s Eve I was in Times Square with some fam and when it officially became 2014, it was hard to compute; it still felt like 2013. But when it turned 2015 last night, it felt more natural. I credit this to slow steps into adulthood and my personally intense 2014 replete with growth and soulful innovation. My vision of who I was, what I was capable of, and the possibilities of life expanded enormously this past year. I realized more than ever that life is FAST and that I am entering adulthood against my will and there’s nothing I can do to stop it. I will always remain a child at heart, but the real world is enveloping me faster than I can learn to keep up. I must adapt. In order to survive I need to feel OK with it being 2015 and thankfully I am. I don’t remember what my resolutions were for 2014 or if I had any, but it feels like they were complete. In an effort to stimulate my own growth this year and to force myself into thinking more seriously about my future, I’ve created a list of new resolutions to get me to better mental states of happiness and a sense of wholeness.

I’ve started two lists: one for things I want in the new year and another for things I want to try.

What I want for 2015:
To accept my unique Filipino beauty.
A healthy, fit, hot body. (I need to start working out soon and eating healthier)
A job to get a Bugatti.
Kick ass concerts.
Return to Israel for work or maybe the Philippines.
Additional travel to places I’ve never been… Miami? Brazil? Australia? Roadtrips?
Move to LA?
Healthy relationships with friends, family.
Grace. not gossip.
Take chances.
Black jeans, new boots.
New skills: Learn CSS, Arabic, Spanish, more Hebrew.

I want to try:
Submitting to the New York Times and other publications.

Overall, I had a beautifully fulfilling 2014 and I pray 2015 is just as great, if not better. I’ll see where it takes me.


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