My reason for creating this blog as I’m sure is the reason for many, is that I have a lot of stories to tell. I studied abroad in Jerusalem at the Hebrew University last year from January 2014 – August 2015. I miss my experiences every day, I talk about them every day, I read about the happenings, I speak with my friends, I simply think about it every day. As a writer, I figured having a blog would be the best platform for me to share my stories and thoughts. There are many things I have not shared with my loved ones that I will write about and post here. This blog will get political, it will get personal, it will be unfiltered, sometimes filtered, but always genuine. I will share my pure thoughts. I will question a lot of things. I will speak out. I will scream. I will relent, repent, forgive, remember, forget. Regret. This is my space and you are looking inside of it.

Since I returned home in August I’ve been posting a lot of news articles and writing little captions with my opinions on the events in Israel and Palestine. But rarely do I ever get to fully explain myself because they are Facebook posts, meant to be brief and to the point. Furthermore, this blog will not only explore the plagues and the light within those regions, it will also be a place of reflection for my entire study abroad experience, from start to finish. Additionally, since I am a writer, I also plan to post my creative works and general reflections on life on here as well. Some of them related to the conflict, most of them not. I live my life as a gigantic sponge, soaking up every piece of time, living my life within the bubbles of the moment. I like to talk about things. Personal, universal, gigantic things and small matters. Beyond the politics, the sex, the drama of life, I think it’s important to get to know one another. And through this blog, I aspire to show you who I am.


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